Up and Coming YouTuber R&B Singers to Look Out for in 2016…

1. Alessia Cara

Alessia is a singer and songwriter from Canada. Her music is mostly R&B and pop. Alessia’s real full name is Alessia Caraccioli, and she was born in Brampton, a suburb of Ontario, in 1996. Her origins go to the Calabria region in Italy. As a young girl, she liked to write poetry and acted in theater roles. Once she reached ten years of age, she began to be attracted by guitar, and this has determined her to learn how to play this instrument. She succeeded learning to play a few songs on her own. Cara didn’t go to college right after graduating high school because she preferred to stay at home for one year and learn music.

For as long as she can remember, Alessia was always singing.  She became known because of her acoustic song covers that she made for her YouTube channel. Most people know her for the single “Here”, a song that got into the top twenty of Canada and the United States. This song is, in fact, an anthem and was released in the month of May 2015. It is a song made ironically for people who hate parties in secrecy. Part of her success is the fact that she regularly recorded new covers of old songs and posted them online.

Today, Alessia is working with Def Jam Recordings and EP Entertainment (the contract was signed when she was eighteen), and she has a promising future as a new sensation of the pop music industry.

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2. am1r

Am1r grew up in a very musical household where his mother taught him to play the piano when he was only nine years of age. Afterwards, during his teen years, he located his love for, and music R&B was significantly influenced artists like Usher, Men, Craig II Boy David, Marques Houston and a lot more.

Subsequently in early 2013, while he was busy composing and producing for local artists, am1r determined that he wanted to concentrate on his artistry. It was at that point that he focused on covering popular tunes in his unique R&B style.  He set up a YouTube Page and a SoundCloud page where Am1r could showcase his vocal performances but also his production abilities by covering popular tunes.  Fast forward to the present day, and his channels have amassed a combined total of more than 5 million hits from both his original soulful songs as well and his R&B covers.

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Youtube R&B group AHMIR started off with just two members – Michael McDonald & Leo Jones. Despite the fact that he was swayed by the atmosphere that is negative, Mike could pull himself out by focusing on his musical skills.

He acquired his vocal skills by joining the choir and attending church. Only at that time in University, he and Big Mike met and they determined that they need to put their singing skills to make excellent utilization of the gifts.

No further after they met did they meet with both of the other members of the group, signed up YouTube and rest, well as they say, is history. They are in the very best as among the greatest R&B Groups putting out videos.  And have been for a long time on YouTube.

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