Yamaha FG840 Guitar Review

Right from when it was debuted to take over from the Yamaha FG740, many users claim that the Yamaha FG840 is different from other guitars in the Yamaha series. Is this true? If it is different, how so? Is it different good or different bad? Well, for starters, the Yamaha FG840 is not like every other acoustic guitar. Even if it has the typical features of an acoustic guitar, there are some other features that make it stand out. It doesn’t just produce good sound, it is beautiful as well. This guitar is ideal for beginner and intermediate level players.

Yamaha FG840

Yamaha FG840 Review: What’s So Special About FG840?

  1. It Has a Beautiful Design

The Yamaha FG840 is an upgrade from the traditional products in the FG series. It has a western body that is classy and attractive. A look at it will cause you to overvalue it. The appearance is high-end especially for the price. The design isn’t just beautiful, the product is made of strong materials as well. The finish is excellent so it will last long. It’s going to last a while before scratches become visible. The only drawback is that all the Yamaha FS840 products come in the same finish making users’ option limited. However, this isn’t such a big deal.

  1. It’s a Complete Package

When you buy the guitar, you’ll also get a solid case for storage that can be used when you want to travel. It comes with a hard case clip-on tuner, additional strings and a strap. It also comes with a DVD for beginners. The case is made in such a way that you can either play it when it’s in the box or remove it and play. The choice is yours. Its finishes are hand-sprayed making it a companion for life.

  1. It Has a Solid Spruce Top

The solid spruce top is what makes this guitar sound amazing. This spruce makes it look more attractive and it makes the guitar more durable than others in the FG series. Also, the more you use the guitar, the better the sound will get. This is because of the tonewoods used in making it. It also comes with a scalloped bracing pattern that maintains the durability of the top board while offering amazing sound.

  1. It Produces Great Tones and Sounds

As you know, sound quality matters more than any other thing when it comes to picking a guitar. What guitarists in every level have in common is that they look for products with great sound. The sound quality is excellent because the sides and back have flamed maple laminate. This makes the guitar produce a balanced and more transparent sound when compared to its predecessors. It offers a clear and concise note pattern making it suitable for finger picking. The sound is less sustained when compared to other guitars in the FG series but it is loud and strong.

The Verdict

Whether you’re a beginner or an intermediate player, the Yamaha FG840 is an ideal option for you. It is easy to play and it offers amazing sound. What’s more, it is an affordable yet classy option.

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